Jack O’ Lantern Rings is the brainchild of twin brothers Gino and Joe. They wanted a unique way to express their love of autumn and craft gorgeous jewelry that could be worn year-round. Learn more by contacting Jack O’ Lantern Rings.

Jack O’ Lantern Rings

Jack O’ Lantern Rings sells gorgeous, handmade wooden rings inlaid with a strip of jack-o’-lantern. These one-of-a-kind creations will let you carry a piece of autumn with you everywhere you go. Click or call to learn more.

Gift Ideas

If you’ve got a Halloween lover in your life, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Jack O’ Lantern Rings’ unique wooden pumpkin rings will allow them to keep the seasonal spirit with them at all times!


Interested in buying one of our beautiful rings? Visit Jack O’ Lantern Rings’ Etsy shop or call 315-717-3732. We’ve got a variety of walnut rings in stock.

Fall in Love With Your New Jewelry

Shop for jack o’ lantern rings in Richfield Springs, NY

Get the warm fuzzies at the sight of a softly glowing jack-o’-lantern? Carry the spirit of your favorite season with you all year long with a handcrafted ring from Jack O’ Lantern Rings. Our jack-o’-lantern rings are made with beautiful, rich black walnut and inlaid with a pumpkin strip. Every ring is unique and evokes the “spooktacular” spirit of Halloween. We carry men’s and women’s ring sizes from 4 to 13 and can give your new ring a tan, yellow or dark chocolate finish.

Each ring is sealed and polished, so you can wear it for many years to come. Peruse our current inventory by visiting our Etsy page. You can also call Jack O’ Lantern Rings at 315-717-3732.

Make a loved one light up with our unique jewelry

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special? Evoke warm feelings by presenting them with a ring from Jack O’ Lantern Rings in Richfield Springs, New York. Our jack-o’-lantern rings are perfect for:

  • Engagements
  • Wedding bands
  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas presents
  • Anniversary gifts
Reach out to Jack O’ Lantern Rings to learn more about our handcrafted rings.

Shop for men’s and women’s wooden rings in Richfield Springs, NY

Interested in natural jewelry with a rustic aesthetic? You’ll find it at Jack O’ Lantern Rings. Our pumpkin rings are meant to symbolize autumn and all of the cozy feelings that come with it. We use gorgeous black walnut and strips of real jack-o’-lanterns to produce one-of-a-kind rings. Our men’s and women’s rings range in size from 4 to 13. All of the rings are cut by hand and polished to a fine finish.

Place an order through our online shop or call Jack O’ Lantern Rings at 315-717-3732.

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